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Why do you need a Keepsake Box?


Why do you need a Keepsake Box?

Life has too many moments to celebrate and remember – moments that can’t be captured with just a photo. Think of all of your most precious belongings. Could you fit them all into a photo album or scrapbook?

No ! That’s why memory keepsake boxes are the perfect way to store your memories to keep safe and look back on for years to come.




What goes in a Keepsake Box?


Parents often want to preserve memories from their child's early years. 

A keepsake box can help with this. It's a place to store unique artifacts collected over the years. Creating a keepsake box is easier than you think. You can use it to capture moments from when your baby was young or create a permanent way to store precious items. These treasures will be cherished for years to come. Keepsake boxes, also called memory boxes, hold sentimental pieces. But they are more than just storage or a baby gift idea. Creating a personalised box with your child has many benefits, including emotional development, memory enhancement, hand-eye coordination practice, and inspiration for creativity.

These special items will bring back wonderful memories and stories.

  • Mum’s pregnancy record.
  • Baby’s ultrasound photos.
  • Baby’s first clothing and accessories. 
  • Comforter Toy or blanket!
  • Birthday cards, letters or special messages from loved ones.
  • First Tooth
  • Birth Card & Birth Certificate
  • First Hair Cut
  • Handprints, footprints and casts.
  • Record book of milestones - such as first crawl, first walk or first word.
  • Travel records, brochures & souvenirs.
  • Learning journals.
  • Christening Gown & Baptism Pieces
  • Favourite baby book.
  • School ribbons and awards.
  • Collection of pictures from important occasions.
  • Pre-school & Day Care Arts & Craft Pieces 
  • Primary School Books & graduation keepsakes!
  • Artwork created by your child over the years.
  • Photo Albums & Digital Stored Memories 
  • Musical instruments such as a recorder or guitar.
  • Scrapbooks with special memories.
  • Letters and postcards
  • The List is endless

Why are our Storage Trunk Boxes the perfect Keepsake Box?


Well its simple - Its a A Stylish & Modern way to store your special keepsake items.

It is LARGE enough to store for all the years to come.

It can double up as other ideas such as a Christening box, Baptism Box, Gift box, Christmas Eve Box or even just nursery decor or room decor.

It is the perfect storage solution!

Available in Seven colours: Pink, White, Beige, Powder Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Olive Green & Grey with your choice of Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Hardware.

Why not make it personal, with our personalisation offer, available in Acrylic or Mirror Vinyl

These Storage Trunks are available in 2 sizes


Regular – 52cm x 26cm x 20cm

Large – 60cm x 36cm x 24cm

Or you can even buy them as a set!


Shop our Storage Trunk Keepsake Boxes Here.

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